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Bloody Great Friday

13-14 June 2019

We want every Aussie to feel good this World Blood Donor Day — from the donors we see every day to the patients we’re helping. 

That’s why we’re staying open all night in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

You’ll have more chances to change more lives.

We’re making a bit of a fuss: we’ll be serving up all sorts of deliciousness, from meals by celebrity chefs (who will be popping in too), to Messina gelato (in a unique flavour), and even our soon-to-be-famous Donor Kebabs.

Make an appointment at a time that suits you and join the fun!

Can’t make it to one of these cities? Head to your nearest blood donor centre and have a great Friday anyway.

What's on?

  • Couples’ Date Night 7pm-9pm Thursday
  • The Bloody Great Friday ‘Donor’ kebab 10pm-3am Thursday/Friday
  • Celebrity chefs 12pm-3pm Friday
  • Music and entertainment 3pm-6pm Friday
  • Sweet treats, caricatures, and much more - all day and all night long!
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